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Nano Gradient Surfaces

Nano surfaces provide precise surface patterns useful when studying cells. The need for a tool to screen biologic effects controlled by the surface density of a nano surfaces has led Cline Scientific to develop a unique tool: the continuous Nano Gradient Surface.

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Nano Surfaces

Cline Scientific novel surfaces consist of monolayers of gold nanoparticles. The ability to functionalize the gold covered surfaces give endless possibilities for cell studies.

As an example; our customers use the Nano Surfaces for cell culture when there is a need for a controlled mix of biomolecules at the nano level

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Spherical Nanoparticles

Are you creating sensors, diagnostic devices, Lateral-flow-assays, drug delivery formulations or studying nanotoxicology? Or just about anything else?

The applications for nanoparticles are many and Cline Scientific can offer monodisperse nanoparticles in sizes from 5 nm and up, engineered to fit your requirements.

We have long experience in producing and characterizing high quality gold nanoparticles. All of Cline Scientifics product lines are based on nanoparticles, which all demand delicate and strict control of fabrication, reproducibility and quality. This is why we only use our own in-house produced particles!

Customization & Services

We work closely to our customers to develop custom made solutions for several applications and products as well as offering more standardized particle suspensions from our webshop. Contact us with your project idea and we will develop it together with you!

We ship worldwide and always aim to send your package the same day if in stock. If we don’t have the product you are looking for or you want more information and support, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will answer within 24 hours.

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